Thursday, February 23, 2012

January and February Update

I added a new dimension to my life in the last couple months.  I am auditing an art class at our local college - UW Stout - and have learned so much that will help me in my designing process.  I look at color and shade and shadows in a whole different way now.  Shapes too.

Two new patterns are available in my Ravelry Design Shop - Hands of Blessing Designs.  I also joined Craftsy, and sales on Etsy have been good as well.  There are two new patterns for thread crochet heart pockets which are extremely quick and fun to make.  Such a versatile item.  They can be used on packages, as candle decorations, as tree ornaments, or as a gift pocket.  Also use to decorate your hand-made greeting cards.  They can be starched and filled with florals.  Just let your imagination run.

Twitter is also new to me this month, so I will see you there too.

Hope you are all getting close to spring and enjoying the birds chirping.