Friday, August 10, 2012

Ready for fall and winter crafting?

I have continued to knit and crochet all summer.  How about you?

Even though I have spent a considerable amount of time caring for my mother this summer and clearing out her apartment, I have still been busy designing.  The extreme heat has actually helped keep me inside and busy with hooks and needles.  We did have time to do some camping in Iowa, where I saw yarn bombing at the Iowa State gardens, in the butterfly sanctuary.  Even had yarn on the bamboo!!  Also made our way home from my mom's through the upper peninsula of Michigan.  The Painted Rock National Shoreline was very inspirational.  Lots of colors and shapes.

We are now into early August and are having a little reprieve from the heat.  This week I have been able to do some much-needed work in my flower garden.

I have been busy listing used pattern books on my Etsy shop this week.  Stop by and take a look to see if you might have a use for some of these resources.

Blessings to everyone as you prepare for school and the fall schedules of your family.