Sunday, September 29, 2013

The leaves are turning red, orange or yellow while the crops are nearly ready to harvest.  I can hardly believe it is fall already.

The months since I last blogged have been extremely busy.  We had a college graduation in Florida, a wedding in International Falls, MN, another wedding in Indiana, and then a very sad and unexpected death in Indiana.  We have been to the extremes of the US borders (Mexico to Canada) over these months, as well as from high to low in emotional status.

Two large motifs are the starting basis for the pattern.  Here you see them decorated with a corkscrew.
Even through the changes, I was able to continue some semblance of creativity.  I have a new pattern in development which is turning into a huge project.  I am very excited about this whole design plan.  It is intensely detailed which is an antithesis to the actual subject - freeform crochet.

Small, medium, large, largest 
  There will be multiple options ... various sizes and shapes ... upon which to build any type of garment or art piece.  The yarn is Patons Grace which has a long colorway that automatically creates the variety of shades as the motifs are created.

The pattern is currently being tested in my Ravelry Group, Hands of Blessing Designs/Testing.  Stay tuned for an announcement of the publishing date.

I would be pleased if any of my readers would like to join this group.  Along with testing opportunities, group members can ask questions or make comments about all of my patterns.  Here is the direct link:

To check out my other patterns

Have a great and colorful fall season.