Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 2012 Update

April has been a great month so far.  We have enjoyed sunny days with the flowers blooming early this year.  I continue with my art class, learning the ins and outs of charcoals.  So much to learn.

I am continuing to design knit and crochet patterns, mostly working with crochet thread the last few weeks. 

I had a request a few days ago to start a knitting group.  I think I'm ready for this adventure.  A couple ladies have expressed a desire to reconnect with their knitting skills.  I am considering using The Knitter's Life List" by Gwen W. Steege (Storey Publishing) as a jumping off point.  I am about halfway through reading it myself.  It has multiple "bucket lists" in it that would keep any knitter busy for a long time.

I also joined the Twitter sphere this month.  Making some great contacts and even participated in #knitchat.  I have to be careful not to spend too much time online to the detriment of my designing activities.  A rather sluggish computer has slowed me down too, so now that the computer is more healthy, I should be back to positive actions and keep up with the pattern shop listings.

On the music front, last night the Red Cedar Sounds (barbershop chorus) performed a short set as part of the local men's barbershop chorus' spring show.  Next weekend we compete in our regional competition, so last night gave us a good "dress rehearsal" for that.  I directed The Best of Times last night and that went very well.  Got a good response from a large audience.

As I compose this, on the TV is a documentary about the Titanic.  What a story.

Have a great week.
Happy creating.

Be a blessing to someone this week.